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ATI Medical Waste Management will cater to your facility located in Oakland Ca with a system suited just for you! ATI is a environmentally responsible company, which manages regulatory waste in the safest and greenest way possible throughout. We believe in the development and practice of alternative treatment technologies. We also offer reusable containers of various sizes to meet the individual needs of each customer.

ATI Medical Waste Management will process and treat your waste at a state approved facility and track all containerized medical waste. We offer online OSHA educational programs on how to handle, identify and dispose of medical waste properly, as well as ensure proper identification, recycling, and volume reduction to all our customers.

We always offer a flat-rate service and guarantee zero price increases during your initial contract period. As a policy, we do not bill for fuel, stop fees, or additional disposal fees. ATI does not believe in these hidden fees. While unprecedented in this industry, ATI does not increase prices every six months — we are proud to remain affordable and fair, from start to finish.

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